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What is innovative Processing, LLC? innovative Processing, LLC provides digital conversion solutions. We convert paper files and documents into digital files that are stored on either CD, DVD, or portable hard drive. Our service eliminates onsite and offsite storage of paper, and makes the search and retrieval of files and documents fast and efficient. The digital files are […]

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innovative Processing, LLC


fax: 248-616-0721

996 East Mandoline
Madison Heights, MI 48071

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“Technology presumes there’s just one right way to do things and there never is.”
  ~Robert M. Pirsig


Almost all of our clients today had either purchased a complete document imaging and indexing solution before they knew we existed, or they believed it was their only option.  Some organizations believe, for whatever reason, that they need to purchase software and equipment, and train and manage more employees.  But we believe that upon a thorough return on investment analysis, our solutions are the most cost-effective and beneficial available, regardless of the size of the company or project.

innovative Processing Mission We are committed to providing high resolution document conversion services to its client/partners.  We convert paper to a digital format with a deliverable in the form of a CD, DVD, portable hard drive, or the use of a secure innovative Processing Web site via the Internet. innovative Processing has pioneered the use of imaging technology to enhance business functions such as Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Cash Application, and Mail processing.  We have as our goal the integration of imaging with leading edge technology in an efficient and cost effective manner to create a paperless environment.

What is innovative Processing innovative Processing is a service organization.  We do not sell hardware or software.  You simply pay for the work you need as you need it, usually for pennies per image!  We have  extensive and unique experience working with a variety of firms from medical offices and hospitals, to courts, banks, insurance companies and community health organizations.  No opportunity is too small or too large. We use a number of specialized software with the ability to deliver high quality TIFF, PDF, JPEG, or any other specific format images. innovative Processing has the capability to process in excess of one million pages of data per day.

Records Management Utilizing state of the art technology, innovative Processing will partner with you to develop a specific program utilizing imaging that will either eliminate or reduce the use of paper and eliminate costly storage.  Utilizing a CD or DVD with built-in software, retrieval can be performed using an office PC and eliminating the purchase of any additional hardware of software.